MendoLake Food Hub

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Introduction to the MendoLake Food Hub, a hub that aims to increase the viability of local farms and the availability of local produce by connecting growers to buyers. In this webinar you’ll learn who they are and their evolution, their safety and quality controls for the food they buy and distribute, an overview of their sales and delivery model. Alex Nielson, project coordinator for the MendoLake Food Hub will dive into the details and give you the resource you need to sign up to sell your produce!


Alex Nielson has worked at the Food Hub, from driver to currently, project coordinator since 2016. He also previously farmed in Mendocino and Lake County for a cumulative 12 years, most recently at Cinnamon Bear Farm of Ukiah which is no longer in operation.  As a farmer he sold produce we grew at 5 farmers markets in Mendocino county as well as through the Food Hub’s sales channel. He brings experience on all sides of the coin as a produce farmer, seller, and buyer/distributor.