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Audio Recording Music Certificate

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1801 East Cotati Ave Rohnert Park
Rohnert Park, California 94928

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Certification, Skills Leading to Work

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In-person – Date Specific



The Audio and Recording Production Certificate makes use of SSU’s Walford Recording Studio, a state of the art Pro Tools HD facility located in Ives Hall. Students will use the recording studio as a lab to produce music as part of a formalized curriculum. Registered students are allotted personal studio time to work directly with Walford Studio hardware and software.

A faculty coordinator from the Department of Music will determine the eligibility of prospective students through a screening and application process. Basic orientation with computers and some fundamental music/audio experience is expected. Ability to read music notation is helpful. Applicants will be notified of their status by August 1 and are encouraged to attend an information session at the beginning of the academic semester.

A certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete the two courses:

Audio & Recording Production I (Fall) – a fundamentals course to orient the student with the basic technologies and techniques of modern recording and production.


The Recording/Production Process
Sound, Hearing, Studio Design, and Acoustics
Microphone Design, Applications, and Techniques
Analog and Digital Audio Technologies
MIDI and Electronic Music Technology
Audio & Recording Production II (Spring) – an advanced course focusing on the critical and creative aspects of production culminating in a capstone project bringing together the recording and mixing techniques acquired during the year.


Advanced Pro Tools Session Procedures and Protocols
The Art and Technology of Mixing, Monitoring, and Mastering
Sound Processing: Shaping and Effecting Audio
Advanced Editing Techniques and Time/Pitch Manipulation
Sound Formats, Multimedia and the Web