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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Choosing, building and managing digital marketing channels can be overwhelming. Yet, without digital marketing your business will struggle to grow.

In this interactive Webinar, we will guide you through your digital marketing channel options and help you decide which ones, in what order, make the most sense for your business.

The course will cover:

  • Traffic versus Conversions and how to approach both
  • Financial models to help with return on investment
  • Search Engine Marketing, Paid and Organic, Local versus National
  • Google Tools – Ads, Analytics, Search Console, Business Profile
  • Channels like email, social media & Amazon
  • Data analytics, website optimization and continuous improvement principles


Instructor Bill Ross is a 20+ year digital marketing veteran with experience ranging from being a Founder/CEO of a high volume BtoC eCommerce business to working as a Senior Operations Manager at Amazon Logistics. Bill has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Information Systems and actively coaches eCommerce clients.

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