Having the right staff with the skills needed to help your business grow and stay competitive is a challenge for many companies. 



CareerPoint invests in training programs that help businesses in the North Bay region build pathways to the qualified, trained workforce talent required for business success.

Incumbent Worker Training: Individual employees who have outdated skills or credentials can be retrained on new processes or equipment and obtain updates to their certifications using Incumbent Worker Training Funds.

Customized Training: CareerPoint maintains partnerships with local higher education and occupational training institutions. These organizations can work with CareerPoint and local businesses to develop customized training programs to upskill a group of workers efficiently and effectively. Businesses may qualify to have a portion of this training covered by CareerPoint and the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay.

On-the-Job Training: This specialized program places a work-ready employee in an open job for which they will be trained on site at your business. Businesses that qualify to use this program are reimbursed a portion of the employee’s wages during the training period, allowing the employee to be trained at a lower cost to the business.

For more information on accessing programs to help grow the skills of your employees, contact the Business Services Representative in your county.

Business Services Contacts

Sita Williams
Community & Business Partnerships Officer

Lisa Marie Benavides
CareerPoint North Bay One-Stop Operator