Do you have the skills you need to qualify for the job or career you want?

Do you have the skills you need to qualify for the job or career you want? Whether you’re trying to obtain a promotion in your current job or you are seeking work in a new industry, having the right skills, certifications, and training is key to meeting your goals. And, if you’ve been laid off from a job, getting back to work quickly may require training to bring your skills up to date.

CareerPoint offers a number of free workshops to help you build your technical skills in programs such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word or increase your “soft skills” in other areas such as customer service. Check our calendar for scheduled sessions.

Sometimes, you may need specialized training to find a new job. If that is the case, our CareerPoint centers are staffed with professional Employment Specialists to help you determine your next steps and whether you qualify for funding to pay for training, certifications, or college courses. Some centers offer a Training Opportunities Information Session workshop to help you understand whether you are eligible and how to apply.


Ready to get started?

Begin by creating an account on CalJobs, the State of California website where you can view job postings, apply for jobs, and access occupational data. Once this account is established, visit CareerPoint for an orientation. If you have trouble setting up an account on CalJobs, our CareerPoint staff can assist you.

Step One: Create account profile on CalJobs

Step Two: Visit a CareerPoint center

Step Three: Attend informational workshops