Workforce Alliance of the North Bay


Northern California Career Pathways Alliance (NCCPA)

The Northern California Career Pathways Alliance (NCCPA) is a collaborative alliance of the County Offices of Education, Community Colleges, Workforce Boards and local schools and businesses in Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano Counties. The NCCPA:

emphasizes a regional approach to career pathways;
inspires students through high-quality experiences in school and in professional workplace settings;
engages businesses in education;
provides the region with the focused, diverse and highly-qualified workforce needed for a vibrant economy.
The California Community Colleges Career Ladders Project (CLP), in collaboration with ConnectED, supports the NCCPA with strategic planning, pathway mapping, early college credit opportunities, and work-based learning, as well as faculty and staff community of practice facilitation, including a regional CTE administrator community of practice.

To learn more about the NCCPA or get involved in our pathways projects, please contact us.

North Bay Business Sector Alliance (NBBSA)

The North Bay Business Sector Alliance (NBBSA) is comprised of the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay, the Sonoma County Workforce Development Board, and the Solano County Workforce Development Board. The NBBSA identifies way to better engage businesses and obtain industry input when determining policy priorities and strategies. It also ensures:

that there is a robust mechanism by which businesses help to identify training and education deficiencies and develop the approaches to solving them;
that businesses help to identify the career pathways most critical to regional economic success and any necessary adjustments to further develop career pathway programs to meet regional industry needs; and
that industry leads the discussion and process on determining industry-valued and recognized postsecondary credentials. 

North Bay Employment Connection (NBEC)

The North Bay Employment Connection NBEC is a regional planning unit comprised of the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay and the workforce boards of Sonoma and Solano Counties. In addition to collaboration on the NBBSA and NCCPA initiatives, the NBEC administers roughly $20 million in jointly-administered, grant-funded projects, drives regional staff development efforts and delivers jointly-funded labor market and occupational outlook analyses.

North Bay Trades Introduction Program (TIP)

The North Bay Trades Introduction Program is a pre-apprenticeship course that prepares students for trade careers. Offered by several area community colleges in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Solano counties, the program provides education and skills training to anyone interested in pursuing an apprenticeship in one of 14 building trade unions. The North Bay TIPs program kicked off in April 2016 with a $349,000 grant from the state Employment Development Department, and includes first aid, CPR and Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifications, as well as hands-on instruction with tools and materials at union worksites and training centers. 

The training increases students skills in construction math, drafting, drawing, work readiness, and job safety, while developing relationships within the North Bay building trades industry, and making them much more viable candidates for union apprenticeships. For more information about this program, please contact us.