Makers & Creatives: 8 Weeks to Successful Startup

Makers & Creatives: 8 Weeks to Successful Startup

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Calling all Makers! Ready to convert your art or craft to a profession? In this 8-week Intensive program, you will learn and plan to start your own arts/crafts/maker concept into a successful business.

This extensive program will also help you create your own unique business identity, and explore what makes marketing in the arts and crafts business different from marketing in most other enterprises and find a marketing & sales approach that fits your brand.

You will learn how to find and get into the shows and events (local vendor events, craft fairs, bazaars and flea markets), as well as design a booth that draws customers in. Learn what it takes to make your concept more than a hobby or a side hustle.

You will discover how to price your work effectively so you can set yourself up for success whether you are selling through craft shows, in galleries, online, and other in-person events.

Course topics include:

  • Product line planning
  • Pricing
  • Developing your Brand Personality
  • Marketing strategy
  • Online and offline marketing Tactics
  • Startup requirements, including financial needs and licensing
  • Vendor events: an Insider’s View

8 Weeks commencing April 5, 2023

Taught by Solano-Napa SBDC Business Advisor Tara Cruz

Tara started working with Solano SBDC in 2015 while bootstrapping her first brick & mortar business. During COVID she closed her doors and once again with the assistance of the Solano SBDC pivoted to e-commerce. During that time she gained experience with website designing, digital marketing, wholesale/manufacturing and Amazon.

Her work history includes more than 15 years in project management, team development, and marketing for Pacific Gas & Electric Company, XFINITY, and Wells Fargo. She holds a degree in criminal justice, a CA/NV Esthetician License, and is Lean Six Sigma Certified.

Tara works well in various stages of business development, from start up to planned growth. Her specialty is working with lean start up businesses, pivots, and marketing. She has worked with salons/spas, retail, and mobile food businesses.

In 2017 Tara returned to the continuation school she graduated from in order to mentor at risk students. Later on, she and her 13 year old son would collaborate to create Plug The Project; a mentoring program that educates young adults about self-care, financial literacy, community service and of course business.