increase sales with google ads

Increase your Sales with Google Ads

Being successful online is essential now more than ever. This webinar will teach you ways to use Google Ads to increase your marketing capabilities and show up better in searches. There will also be time for you to share what you’ve seen working, ask your questions and learn new tricks. Clients who have taken this workshop have seen increases in sales and a targeted approach to attracting the right clients. Here’s a recent client testimonial from working with Instructor Bill Ross “For our AdWords internet ads, we were able to not only hone in on the customers we were trying to reach, but also save hundreds of dollars! Thank you for this incredible service!”

Instructor Bill Ross is a 20+ year digital marketing veteran with experience ranging from being a Founder/CEO of a high volume BtoC eCommerce business to working as a Senior Operations Manager at Amazon Logistics. Bill has his Master’s Degree in Marketing Information Systems and actively coaches eCommerce clients.

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