What You Need to Know About Independent Contractors

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Learn everything you need to know about working with independent contractors in this no-cost webinar, from the advantages and risks to legal and tax considerations.  You will also practice applying the ABC Independent Contractor test and get expert advice on how to navigate this complex area of business to make the most of your contractor relationships. Resources for how to hire employees and contractors included.




Human resource specialist Lisa McCormack of Affogato Consulting has worked with various companies in development of HR programs and is an advisor with West Business Development Center. Understanding the importance of implementing a strong foundation is key to operating a safe and legal environment. 


Accommodations. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least 72 hours in advance of this event; please send an email with the subject header ACCOMMODATION REQUEST to: West Business Development Center, 707-964-7571, events@westcenter.org