Here is a directory of volunteers happy to donate their time across many industries.


Volunteer Directory Search
First Last Company Title Job Type Volunteering Interests Career Pathway Experience
Benjamin McKay BGM Productions Producer/Director Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications Multi-Media
Sylwia Palczewska WANB Workforce Development Analyst Government and Public Administration Advisory Committee Member – Attend advisory committee meetings and help shape the future of education and training.
Alison Sexauer Marin county Media specialist Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Mary Jane Smith Lifelong Wellness RN and Marriage and Family Therapist Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Julia Smith Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Business Outreach Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Bruce Wilson Workforce Alliance North Bay Workforce Director Government and Public Administration History Education
Meredith Wilson BLUE OAK SCHOOL Elementary School Teacher Education and Training
Darin Wilson Infinite Red Senior Software Engineer Information Technology Classroom Speaker – Speak about experiences related to your own career path and what students need to prepare for a career in your field. This can be done virtually or in-person. Information Technology, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Georgia Schubert WSI Next Gen Marketing Partner Digital Marketer Job Shadow – Host 1 or a small group of students at your site so that they may observe and experience the application of skills needed in the workplace., Student Internships – Provide a paid or unpaid internship opportunity for high school students. Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications, Marketing, Sales & Service
Joseph Rico Bank of America Relationship Manager Business Banker Student Mock Interviews – Conduct mock interviews with students., Mentorship – Individual or group. Assist with classroom projects and/or answer questions about your career or industry. This can be done virtually or in-person., Work-Ready Certification – Serve as a guest speaker or conduct mock interviews. Banking, Finance & Insurance
Chris Cagliostro CA MENTOR Director Human Services Career/Job Fair participant – Have a table/booth at one of our youth career fairs. Human Services